Reviews about Papillor

  • Dewi
    Excellent warts out there, I've been on the eyelids just a bunch of papillomas, and cream Papillor smeared and dried up two weeks. I recommend.
  • Dian
    On the neck I had scratched just a hotbed papillomas, constantly, for clothes clung. And now everything is smooth, and only a month of application Papillor.
  • Ricky
    I order to parents, I have, thank God, is not jumping anything, but when mom and dad constantly warts out, until the cream began not apply.
  • Irma
    I was with these papillomami on the witch similar to very embarrassing, but not the skin, and make-do not hide up. Only Papillor helped, again, to feel beautiful.
  • Siska
    To pay me the son of an Operation suggested, but I it is better to use a cream. It is cheaper and safer, and the effect is the same.
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